DOMINION  LIFE CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES is a multi-dimensional ministry because of her believe in the giftings and calling of God upon men and women for  the edification and the building of the church of God.

 These various ministries operate in their own capacity with their leaders leading men under  the influence of the Holy spirit.

                  OUR    MINISTRIES .

1.YOUTH:  The youth ministry  is a dynamic  organ  of  the church that brings together  youths of both  sexes,under the ages of  15  - 25  years old.  They are   taught to evangelize.

2.CHILDREN/ TEENAGE: A forum for children from the ages of 2- 13 years.These groups meet weekly in their variopus classes sharing ideas via bible teaching  aids.They learn art and craftwork in order to improve their creative ability.

3. OUTREACH: This arm  is one major part of the ministry that extends our ministry blessings to those outside our church .We have differents ways of reaching divers groups  of people.Trained pastors and evangelist are sent to these people.

a] Market  outreach: mainly  to those who sell in the market and return late to their homes.

b] Hospital Outreach: Those who are sick in the hospitals,we minister the gospel of salvation to them.Sometime bills are paid for the less priviledge in our communities.In missions fields the rural dwellers are treated through our mobile health workers.

c] School Outreach: Reaching students via our Bible Club during break time and counselling.

d] Village Outreach: A programmed and aggressive  method of evangelism of reaching the interior village where Christ is largely unknown. Through our local evangelists.

e] Prison Outreach: Ministering to prison inmates within the confinement of prison walls. We teach, counsel and train them with Bible, tracts and other relevant Christian materials.

4. WELFARE: This ministry is dedicated to meeting the needs of the less priviledge in our proverty stricken society . We function in various forms:

a.]  Food distribution: We are yet to build our pantry, but we do a weekly or monthly sharing of food stuffs to some needy families. We also have occasional food sharing to those who are in need.

b.] Clothing / Distribution: cloths of differents size and  colour in good conditions are given out to youths, women, men, children who can't afford clothes among us and in our mission fields.



                   STATEMENT OF FAITH

These are our unique belief according to the Bible, established by the fathers of faith. We profoundly uphold them in letters and in value.

1. One true and living God, consisting in  spirit as three distinct persons, father, son Holy Spirit.

2. Jesus Christ as the only begetton son of God; His Virgin, birth, His real and perfect man hood, His death, His bodily resurrection and ascension into heaven.

3. The second coming of Jesus to be heralded by angels signifying the close of the age. To come and gather the elects.

4. The holy Spirit by whose illumination, conviction, regeneration, men are brought into repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

5. There is a heaven as the reward of the believers' beyond death, including a bodily resurrection from the dead. There is a hell as the reward for unbelievers beyond death including a bodily resurrection to live in everlasting torment and seperation from God

6. There is a judgement day beyond this life where God will seat in judgement on all nations, seperating the righteous from to unrighteous forever.

7. The Bible as our final authority in matters of faith and living, because it is the inspired oracles of God. It supercedes all humans traditions void of God's revelations for man's eternal benefits.

8. The New Testament is a practical fulfilment of the OT, but not to destroy it. It compliments through the life, death, resurrection of Christ.

9. The Saviour of the fallen man is the eternal son of God. Conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, made fully God and fully man in the incarnation. Whose death and resurrection for our sins in our only hope of salvation of Spirit, mind and body in this life and the world to come.

10. Baptism commanded for the growth and unification of repented saints into the body of Christ. But not infants or dying sinners. It is confirmed through personal profession of faith in the Lord Jesus as God.

11. communion as one ordinance of confirming the love and the unity of Christ with His church. Bringing spiritual renewal and edification thereby confirming spiritual blessing in the body of Christ.

12. Marriage as an holy Honourable estate. Instituted  by God for mutuality between and and woman and for procreation. Monogamy as the ideal state of marriage which can only be dissolved by death or any other act of infedility as stated by Christ.

13. The great Commission was given by christ to the church, and all believers must adhere to this mandate in fulfillment of the extension of God's Kingdom on earth through the preaching of the gospel to all creature before the second coming of Christ.



Our ministry is a mission based in nature.we  are located in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria,reaching the unreached people groups inAfrica /Asia continents and in any other priviledge continents. This ministry started with a burden for soul winning  and bringing the lost to God ,with the aim of restoring the glorious image of man.

 We have ministered to differents groups of people across the globe within our capacity in the areas  of training ,health support,feeding,evangelism e.t.c.

Since the inception of this ministry God have been our provider. 

Missions an endtime plan of God to reach the entire human race is one of our greatest pursuit. The ailing thousands of destitute, hunger stricken, prostitutes, drug addicts, homeless and poverty stricken in Africa and other parts of the world must be restored to the original plan of God.

Reaching the world is our utmost desire, global mission is therefore a vehicle for accomplishing this task. This Ministry has differents channels through which they fulfill this Mission dreams.

A. Global Missions Frontier: A forum responsible for mission trips/ research and findings of unreached people groups all over the world and how they can be affected.We run  conferences  with the supports  of churches in  every  region we are sent.

B. Operation Reach Africa: The arm of the Mission is responsible for reaching the unreached places of Africa and restoring hope to the epyleptic African race through preaching of the gospel, charities and other meaningful projects. Areas where we function is mainly in Africa and  some Asia Countries.

                   OUR PROJECTS / NEEDS:

A. Building rehabilitation centres for drug addicts, ex inmates, prostitutes e.t.c

B. Building skill acquisition centres for youth empowerment programmes

C. Building and operating community primary health care services. A mobile health unit that serves millions of unreached people groups  in about 42 villages not  easily  accessible.

D. Provision of portable water for Rural dwellers and chemical polluted areas in Africa / Asia. Also in the Niger -Delta  area in Nigeria and Niger republic.

E.A permanent  land  for the local church  , in order  to expand  its mission  scope.  { 10 acres  of land}.

F. Mission van   to faclitate   easy movement in the region.

G.Motorcycles and bicycles for our local trained evangelist to access the interiors.   

H. Ministers Insight forum: A trans cultural minister  mobile ministry reaching and educating Pastors, evangelists, church workers about ministry and other truths about the kingdom across Africa and other continents.This forum needs funding to be able to fulfil its goals globally. 

This is done through seminars, conferences and revival meetings, discipleship training programmes upon contacts and God's leading to city.

Rev. Dr. Peters Okhiria is the facilitator of "MIF". Lives has been blessed since the inception of this forum. We are looking forward to reach you as you give us the opportunity to do so.

            OUR AREAS  OF FOCUS: 2000 - 2025

A.Niger-Delta : Nigerians who lives in the Riverine areas.They live in swamps and river mashes. They have no priviledge of schooling ,their major occupation is fishing.

B.Kemberi people: people of nothern Nigeria  in the interiors of Niger state.They live in forest  and their major occupation is  farming.The females  adults and teenagers  dress on leaves.A Town  of about   200km  in the jungles.

Our  missionary needs  our help ,no school  for the people. They pipe borne water and health  care and other social  amenities to make life  well. We count on you as you support  our mission plights.

C.India -Baclotha :  A peolpe groups mainly controlled by hindus. They are yet to reached due to the high rate of religious crisis in the areas. Christianity is under threat.

D.  Ivory coast/ Congo  :A people group controlled mainly by occultic and islamic beliefs. Many lives are homeless due to incessant wars in the region.

                 OUR  ACHIEVEMENTS:

We count on God for his grace made available to us since the inception of this ministry five years ago .Our inability to perform to this levcel was due to what we have at our disposal.

1.Missions support [Africa].

 Our influence has been felt in some Africa nations.Through trainig and support of pastors and youths.

2.Rehabilitation  support{ local}.

  Many of the drug addicts and prostitutes over the years won to Christ have become useful.We have taught local trade ,while some are schooled through our  education help  scheme  {EHS}. A programme  that have helped so many less priviledge children and families.

3.Humanitarian  support: Many families have been rescued from the shackles of hunger and poverty through this programme.operation help the needy  has become a medium of reaching  our world.{OHN}.

a.  The orphans   are supported and cared for.

b.The widows are catered for with clothes / food / shelter

c. The destitute are supported with clothes ,food and schooling through our local education help scheme.

d. Providing Pipe borne water for rural dwellers.


The 21st century church must go back to aggressive evangelism which is our supreme task.Our mission target is focused on the theme "THE WORLD AND MISSIONS 2025"

We earnestly desire to see changes come into our world before the second coming. Missions must have its place, sponsored by men who are willing to sacrifice their lives. Our doors are open for men, women and foreign Missions groups who are willing to support what we are doing.